Know About New Rules of Airlines before Traveling With Your Emotional Support Animals

Know About New Rules of Airlines before Traveling With Your Emotional Support AnimalsNew Airlines rules changes bring many ESA owners shocked by end of the year Dec 2020. In January 11th, 2021, the (DOT) published news that no longer allows airlines to accommodate with emotional support animals. Before the rule change, all ESA owners should have a legal document from the licensed mental health practitioner. This news was shocking and brought discourage to millions of ESA owners around the world. Not all expectation is lost, still there are some Airlines allowing Emotional Support Animals.

The new rules of DOT may allow Airlines to discontinue their ESA plan and some are allowing accommodating Emotional Support Animals. We are in the early phase of viewing how DOT’s new rules will affect ESAs and Air Travel. Many of the Airlines have not decided whether they have to ban ESAs or carry on with accepting in the plane. If you are planning to travel in Airlines which are allowing Emotional Support Animals, Pet Psych Center will contact you immediately, to check whether you qualify.

Whenever you fly with your Emotional Support Animals it is mandatory to confirm with ESA policies. Many Airlines may often change their ESA rules and policies. It is good before booking; you need to confirm the current policies of ESA in Airlines.

Airlines that allowing Emotional Support Animals

ESA friendly Airlines are accepting ESAs on flights. The list below some Airlines that are allowing emotional support animals:

Airlines of America: 

  1. Air Canada
  2. Latam Airlines
  3. Southwest (Until February 28th)
  4. Sun Country
  5. Volaris
  6. Westjet

International Airlines:

  1. Air France
  2. Asiana Air (Flights from/to the United States. However, rules will change.)
  3. China Airlines (Emotional support dog only.)
  4. KLM (Emotional support dog only, from 4 months and older.)
  5. Latam Airlines
  6. Lufthansa (Flights from/to the United States. ESA’s up to 8 kgs.)
  7. Singapore Air (Emotional support dog only, from 4 months and older.)


Air Canada

Air Canada will allow ESAs for disabled passengers, only emotional support dogs are allowed. These Airlines allow a disabled person with ESAs in planes in the United States and Canada.

Southwest Airlines

The Airlines are accepting emotional support animals by February 28-2021. But from 1st-March 2021, only trained dogs will be allowed to travel. Other animals will be subject to Southwest’s fees and restrictions for normal pets.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines have no plans for discontinuing emotional support animals in planes. They allow disabled passengers to fly with an ESA.


Volaris Airlines is also allowing emotional support animals in planes. There is no plan for discontinuing the ESA program.


There is another option for ESA owners by booking on Westjet Airlines. They offer Flights in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Airlines that are not allowing Emotional Support Animals

The following airlines have announced they will no longer recognize emotional support animals:

Airlines of America:

  1. Alaska Airlines
  2. Allegiant Air
  3. American Airlines
  4. Delta Air Lines
  5. Frontier Airlines
  6. Hawaiian Airlines
  7. Jet Blue
  8. Spirit Airlines
  9. United Airlines

International airlines: 

  1. Air China (Service dogs only)
  2. Air New Zealand (Service dogs only)
  3. All Nippon Airways
  4. Cathay Pacific (Service dogs only)
  5. China Eastern Airlines (Service dogs only)
  6. China Southern Airlines (Service dogs only)
  7. Emirates (Service dogs only)
  8. Eva Air (Service dogs only)
  9. Korean Air
  10. Qatar Airways (Service dogs only)

Many Airlines recognize ESAs as a normal pet in the plane. Pet’s are a matter of payment and banned in planes by sizes, breed, and weight. Some Airlines ESAs do not allow travel in the cabin only permitted to travel in cargo. And some are completely banned in flights.

Airlines are very strict in the ESA plan in planes. After, DOT has released the Airlines rules for emotional support animals in Planes. Before flying with your emotional support animals you need to check your Airlines whether they allow ESA in the plane.

Future for ESAs and Air Travel incoming Day’s

The Airlines rules changes are opposed by many ESA owners, disability groups, and many parts of the country. They complained about the cost and inconvenience of allowing ESA in planes. As DOT rules are not mandatory, that means Airlines can allow emotional support animal, even though they are not lawfully compelled to do so. Airlines may modify the procedure, by accepting ESA if they decide.

There is also great hope that authority changes at the DOT will also help to review the rules and regulations of ESA. Reconsidering the assistance of animals toward disabled people, they are not happy with the new Airlines rule. ESA still enjoys federal rights for housing, and state additional protection.