A pet always comes with few powerful benefits for health. Caring for a pet helps in relieving anxiety and depression; it lowers down the stress level and thus improves the health of your heart.

But emotional support animals are just more than pets; they are your companion as well. Support animal helps people to control their emotions and relax them, who have different types of mental illness and goes through mood swings each day. So, the people with mental illness or psychological disorder have to apply for this medical help and once they got their emotional support animal approval letter, they start with the further process. This emotional support animal letter is genuine and legal because the process of getting this letter involves a licensed and professional consultant

What makes pet animals become emotional support animals?

Animals should be certified if they wanted to be considered emotional support animals. ESA certification letter is usually provided by a psychiatrist, physician, and social worker or by any mental health professional, for animal companionship. These mental health professionals have to confirm and they should provide the support that the animal will lessen down the symptoms of any existing disability. The confirmation of the emotional support animal certification letter should be done on official letterhead, and it is important to mention what type of help their patient needed.

What is the need for emotional support animals for treating psychological disorders?

Emotional relief is an important contributing feature to why the number of people wants an Emotional Support Animal. Emotional support animal (ESA) acts as residence healthcare for people with a mental illness. While doctors or health professionals advise medications, at times they advise and provide them an ESA letter to go for the emotional support animal option it provides more comfort to the patients. People with mental illness witnesses that emotional support animals lessen their psychological disorders, their anxiety, and also they help to overcome the feeling of loneliness.

How this ESA benefits people with mental health?

Study shows that people with mental illness felt less anxious, more relaxed and feel less lonely when petting animals or holding them. The patient experiences normalized blood pressure, heart rate, and their depression is also reduced. Just think about it, if they got this peace with their occasional animal visit, imagine how much peace a permanent companion gives them, and help them to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. But this process can be done once you get the ESA approval letter from a certified and licensed professional; you are eligible to choose any support animal according to your preference.

An animal is not able to talk and does not always express sympathy but still, they provide a better and beneficial companionship. Like animals need lots of attention and love, humans also need it; so by pairing them together we can make a better companionship.

So, we conclude that a pet’s love and companionship play an important role to overcome people from stress, anxiety, and depression.
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