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How it Works: Documenting Your Emotional Support Animal

 Research indicates that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from an emotional or mental disability in any given year. Emotional Support Animals could help reduce symptoms of a mental or emotional disability by providing companionship, comfort, and love. 

How it works
How it works

Pet Psych Center helps people with anxiety, depression, or chronic stress to connect with a mental health professional to get a recommendation for an emotional support animal. An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter can help you keep your pet in an airplane cabin and/or apartment complexes / dormitories. Our exam is similar to psychological testing and other mental assessment testing to help our therapist determine your need for an ESA Letter. We are dedicated in our quality of work within the field of Emotional Support Animal (ESA) . The ESA companion support letter requires a real licensed therapist to approve and file accordingly.

Pet Psych Center  will facilitate the recommendation process by administering an online questionnaire that determines if an Emotional Support Animal would be effective in helping a person with anxiety, depression, and/or chronic stress. Emotional support dogs and cats can be helpful to many people suffering from mental health and physical health issues. Each questionnaire answer is reviewed by a mental health professional and is followed up with an opt-in call to the patient in need. It’s easy to qualify for an ESA companion support letter and is 100% refundable, no questions asked.

Our ESA letter application is quick and easy. First, you fill out a free online exam that pre-determines your eligibility for an emotional support animal. Then, our team will review your answers to confirm that you need one. After that, we will assign a licensed Mental Health Practitioner to send you an ESA letter that you can present to your landlord or to your chosen airline.

We can deliver your letter via email or USPS in as fast as 48 hours — or 12 hours, when you request a rush order. Take our ESA questionnaire exam now.

Apply for an ESA Letter Today- FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY!

After taking our free ESA qualification test, you can select the most suitable payment plan for you.. It’s that simple.

How it works

1.Complete Online Exam

Fill out a brief online questionnaire by clicking on the tab in the navigation bar titled “Quick Online Exam”. We will not charge your credit card if you don’t qualify.

How it works

2.Therapist Reviews Exam

Our team of mental health professionals will review your answers to determine if you are in need of an emotional support animal. Same day service.

How it works


The ESA assigned licensed Mental Health Practitioner will Email you an Emotional Support Animal PDF letter within 12 hours. Within 6 hours for “Rush” orders. LIVE TRAVEL & THRIVE WITH YOUR PET
plans orders will also receive the letter via USPS.


She understood the level of chronic stress and anxiety I had been facing. She not only helped me release my fears and answered my questions but she also gave ne back the feeling of safety that I feel when I am with my pet. I felt a level of a trust and authentic care that iis what makes Pet psych Center better than the rest!

Fina Corton

“Compassionate and Reliable”

Really good emotional support. I not only got my ESA letter but my anxiety is now under control knowing that I have my pet wherever I go. Thank you!

Maria Eugenia Lopez

“Great Personalized Support !”

Really good service and help! She answered my questions very fast and helped me feel that understood how important it was for me and my pet! thank you Pet Psych Center!

Angela Marasa

“She goes above and Beyond!”