We all love to have pets and see a lot of videos posted on social media and animal care; they not only give joy but give a lot of support and mental comfort. Many theories and research proved it emotionally support animal going through any bad phase, decrease anxiety, loneliness, and more relaxed.

Animals require love, attention, and care, so do humans. If we pair them together, imagine you being taking emotional support from companions, peers, and family the same affection you will experience with pets. The responsibility of an animal may be a challenge as we need to train them, but it also gives people a sense of purpose and increased positivity in your day to day life.

What are emotional support animal requirements? I hardly feel any, they just need your care and they will love you, take care of you thus making you feel important and independent which is important especially for those who are going through a mental illness like getting outside and going on a walk, getting them trained.

Pets not only make you feel more relaxed but it helps your internal organs too normalized. Research and emotional support animal assessment specialized Pet Psych Center team have shown that it controls heart rate, blood pressure, and reduced depression.


Benefits of having Emotional Support Animal

1) Animals especially dogs increase dopamine and other neurochemicals associated with love and bonding thus it help produce Neurotransmitters.

2) They calm anxiety on Planes.

3) They provide unconditional love and the result shows it dramatically improve that person’s overall mental health and decrease the debilitating nature of their symptoms.

4) They work in conjunction with other forms of treatment and therapy.

5) They help regulate everyday feelings by their steady presence; human emotions tend to stabilize in the presence of pets

5)  They can help stabilizing intense emotions as in such situation affection on demand can help an individual divert their attention from the situation and focus on the animal.

6) They provide social support and companionship

How can anyone get training and open their centers for ESA, emotional support animal laws Florida stated a person must have required educational background and required degree to initiate an emotional support animal certification letter.

Ultimately, when choosing an emotional support animal (ESA), you must be honest with yourself about the lifestyle you’d like to keep and the kind of pet you’d like to care for. If you’re in doubt about caring for a larger animal, then start small, get a fish or a smaller mammal. See how it fits and go from there but I am sure you will love them.