Living in an apartment can be tough for various reasons like minimal space for storage or getting proper adequate space for living. After all these issues, the addition of a dog makes it a little tougher sometimes. Any dog can comfortably live in an apartment but as pet owners, we need to take a few steps to make them healthy and happy.

Few best ways to keep a dog happy in an apartment can be given as follows:

  • Go with the right breed-Make deep research on the fact of choosing the correct breed before buying or adopting any dog. Not all dog breeds are allowed to live in an apartment, so confirm with your society’s management about their rules and regulations. You can be asking management to provide you with an emotional support animal letter for the apartment. And then, conclude with a list of dog breeds and try to pick the one that is best for your heart and your space.
  • Set a routine for your dog-Even if you are living in an apartment, still you have to make a routine for your dog that helps them to understand their day-to-day life. You can be started with setting a particular time for their activities like feeding, going for a walk, etc. This routine life prepares more disciplined and happier dogs as they know well when they will get their food and go for a walk. Also, while you take your dog for a walk, you will feel better in the fresh air.
  • Give space to your dog-Your dog loves your presence in the house but due to the current pandemic situation they might feel a little weird as you are spending more time than usual with them. But like us, dogs also love their personal space in the house, where they can spend some peaceful and relaxing time. So, try to provide them some space either in a room or balcony with their favorite bed, toys, food and water, every possible comforting stuff. This brings out a more calm, healthy, and happy dog in an apartment.
  • Invest in their training-It is important to train your dog with the basic ethics of living in an apartment because if your dog barks day and night without any reason, it ends with a lot of complaints against you and your dog. Dogs need to be aware of general footsteps noises so that they will not bark at random noises. Proper training will help dogs to process this stimulation and learn to stay calm and relaxed.

To keep a dog happy, you have to take correct steps like select breed accordingly, set a routine for them, give them their space and invest properly in their training, these all will help you to get a healthy, enjoyable and happy dog for your apartment. But if you keep your dog as an ESA then, you need an ESA letter for the apartment.

These are the best ways to keep a dog happy in an apartment.

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