The Pet Psych Center Difference

Pet Psych Center provides Legitimate ESA Letters from a Florida Licensed Mental Health Practioner to support your Emotional Needs”

Pet Psych Center was born out of the Need for qualified patients to live a full life with the emotional support of their pet. Cindy Camaraza Suarez is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who supports the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of her patients. Unlike other online sites, Pet Psych Center offers “a personalized approach to the issuance of an ESA Letter” by working directly with her patients to address their specific needs.

Oxytocin ” The Love Hormone”

“Research has shown that oxytocin, known as the “love hormone” is released when emotional bonds are being formed. As a result, “Pet therapy” has been known to provide healing in children, individuals and families by offering a feeling of safety, love and support.

In addition to being a Florida Licensed Practioner, Ms Suarez, holds multiple certificates in Animal Assisted Pet Therapy and the Healing Power of Pets. She also supports the , Pet Support is a member of NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness and supports other establishments that promote advocacy for pets.

She encourages her patients to consider on-going therapy if they are struggling with major life challenges or stressors that are robbing them from living their optimal life. Her Compassionate, humanistic approach to therapy aims to alleviate the stress of discrimination due to strict no pet policy rules in housing and travel.

Through a free brief assessment, followed by a complimentary phone session, she will address your specific needs and provide the support that you are looking for.

“Speak with a Florida Licensed Therapist Directly rather than to non-qualified operators and being bounced around or kept on hold! Take the free Assessment and Receive your Legitimate ESA Letter today!”